director NINA K. inspired by JOHN WURDEMAN
producer STEVEN WEINBERG visual artist SHAWN REEDER

Wine makes you lose your equilibrium, but helps you find yourself, I found myself in Ojaleshi*, I became a filmmaker.

Nina K.

*Rare wine of indigenous grape varietal made by biological forces of nature from a tiny vineyard dependent on local micro-climate conditions and stewarded by orthodox monks in Western Georgia.


"The Land of 8000 Vintages" is a forthcoming cinematic documentary. This feature, currently in pre-production, interweaves an explorative journey into the natural history of Georgian wine culture, reviving and protecting unique methods for producing artisan wines within this ancient and now developing previously unrecognized country. We take the viewer on a revealing trek to explore little known attributes of the early practice for making wine, considered to originate at least 8,000 years ago within the high foothills of the Caucasus mountainsides. This in-depth English language film becomes a human interest story featuring artisan winemakers and Americans, who's coincidential encounter with Georgian wine culture became an inspirational occurrence spurring a major change in their lives. This cinematic short escapes traditional documentary form and features striking imagery while underscoring the cultural mystique that pervades the memories of Georgia’s uncommon heritage.

From the Filmakers

"The Land of 8000 Vintages" film was inspired by John's story, an American painter who’s lifelong quest for beauty led to his discovery of a remote region within the South Caucasus, where he saw himself living the quiet and contented life of a talented artist. A chain of events which followed, steers John towards influencing multifaceted artisan wine movement occurring within the post-Soviet country of Georgia. His actions and persistent focus attracts worldwide attention towards a unique "old world" tradition while impacting the lives of those he encountered along the way. This ultimately involves the native Georgian director Nina K., prioritizing her blossoming interests towards becoming a professional storyteller. As the subject matter becomes realized from the eyes of this emerging contemporary filmmaker, Nina presents to an international audience rare information on how embracing ancient cultural traditions from a forgotten past can help drive perspective and solace into the hectic pace of our modern times.

Towards evening, wine becomes the celebrated balm to highlight an invigorating day of adventurous outdoor activity; whereby the breadth of the wine's classic preparation reaches back into your mind to allow you to escape and relax into the moment.

A need for personal redemption brought me on an extensive quest through the visceral highlights of Georgia’s wine country. Once immersed against Georgia’s innate beauty and echoing fresh seasonal winds which brought out my memory for a simpler less urbane lifestyle, I seemed to regain a composure and fortitude remembered from my childhood.

I sought no further and grasped the opportunity before me to understand my precious circumstance. Because, while Georgia and it’s rural impoverishment appears as an indigenous hardship, the same environment appears as a festive salvation compared to the polluted western megalopolis I just traveled from to arrive here.

By immersing into the simple life of rural communities and through friendships made with artisan winemakers with a deep routed love for an art of natural wine making, I found new stories that ignited my soul with a passion to tell them.

Nina K. Director


The Land of 8000 vintages
Nina K.


Washington DC

Destination visual artist, designer & filmmaker, she has been captivated with the subject and idea of sharing Georgia's traditional wine story with the rest of the world since returning to the country in 2011, then having her first qvevri wine experience. Up to this period, Nina had completed extensive research on the topic having traveled throughout Georgia while filming and documenting current Western driven fluctuations within the culture. From 2011 to the present, Nina has contributed her visionary talents towards recent development of the "new" post-Soviet Georgia. She served as owner/designer for an American based architectural firm finalizing post-modern building blueprints, having a now famed building become the only design surviving governmental project reallocation during Georgia's historic administrative turnover in late 2012.  In addition to having a Tbilisi based avant-garde culinary restaurant at the time, Nina leveraged her Georgian photography book entitled "Georgia Captured" directly to the presidential office whereupon her talents became recognized and implemented by the top office in the country.

The Land of 8000 vintages
Steven Weinberg

Production Photographer/ Producer

New York, New York

For more than 20 years Steven has extensively photographed the historic transition of emerging market economies in Central Europe and the post-Soviet states as a retrospective commentary on the developments that have helped reshape a new era in world history. Work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Columbia University, and the U.S. Embassy-Tbilisi, Georgia. Selected as a "Legend Behind the Lens" photographer for Nikon, photos comprise a CNN private collection, were recently published by National Geographic on Romania, EUMM - The European Union Monitoring Mission and are represented worldwide by Getty Images.

The Land of 8000 vintages
Shawn Reeder

Visual Artist

Nevada City, California

Destination visual artist who specializes in photography, timelapse cinematography, & filmmaking. Shawn worked extensively in California, Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada, his home. Loves to travel and has recently worked on projects in Europe, the Middle East, and New Zealand.

The Land of 8000 vintages

Destination visual artist who specializes in photography, timelapse cinematography, & filmmaking. Shawn worked extensively in California, Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada, his home. Loves to travel and has recently worked on projects in Europe, the Middle East, and New Zealand.


John Wurdeman
John Wurdeman


Richmond, Virginia

John is a practicing painter who started off studying at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, in Baltimore, MD, and transferred to the Surikov Institute of Art in Moscow were he finished his MFA in 1998. John first came to Georgia in 1995 in search of singers that practiced the ancient art of Georgian polyphony. In 1996 John purchased a house in Sighnaghi, Georgia, a town famous for the arts with beautiful views and in the center of the wine region. In 1998 John moved to Sighnaghi to live full time. John divides his time between his two passions - wine and art - and finds the two go quite well together.

The Land of 8000 vintages
Iago Bitarishvili

Winemaker & Farmer

Mtsketa, Georgia

Iago'svineyard is situated in Mukhrani valley, which is one of the most historically celebrated regions in Georgia. All of the viticultural and vinification processes involved in the production of this wine follow environmentally pure and traditional Georgian techniques. The wine is fermented and stabilized in the clay pitchers (Qvevri), which are three centuries old.

The Land of 8000 vintages
Alice Feiring

Journalist & Author

New York, New York

Known as an advocate for "natural wine" Alice Feiring is an American journalist and book author, for several years a wine and travel columnist for Time magazine. In addition to contributions to publications such as The New York Times, New York Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, Condé Nast Traveler and Forbes Traveler, her blog "The Feiring Line" has been rated among America's leading wine blogs, and her voice described by Mike Steinberger as part of a new wave of "real flowering of high-quality wine journalism". In 2011, Feiring was selected as "Online Wine Writer of the Year" by the Louis Roederer International Wine Writer Awards.

The Land of 8000 vintages
Lisa Granik

Master of Wine

New York, New York

Born and raised Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Practiced law in Washington DC following graduation from law school. Taught law at Georgetown University and then both at Moscow State University and the Institute of State and Law (Tbilisi, Georgie) as a Fulbright Scholar. Additional time served at Yale Law School, Moscow and St Petersburg resulted in a doctorate in law, after which I decided life was too short to be consigned to a life of vodka, potatoes and litigation. Now that the MW is over, I can turn to my next goal of becoming a Klezmer, and continuing the endless pursuit of the one-armed chin-up.


Special Thanks To
  • Nikolas Kharabadze
  • Manuchar Kachakhidze
  • Alexander Bobykin
With Gratitude To
  • Irina Natsvlishvili

The Producers gratefully acknowledge the help of the following in making this film...

  • Lord Levy
  • Jason Vera-y-Aragon
  • Kailob Latour
  • Mike Sulivan

Georgia has the greatest
wine story
in the world.

John Wurdeman

"Georgia has more than 8,000 years of continuous winemaking history -- nothing on the planet comes close." Matthew Hunt

Georgia Became Supporting Character in Film

The Land of 8,000 Vintages is a first cinematic documentary and biographical film heralding the unique wine culture from the country of Georgia, which extends back through history starting 8,000 years earlier.

This film project intends to describe elements of Georgia’s ancient wine culture and introduce traditions from this little known country to an adventure seeking audience through striking cinematic form that redefines the genre of cutting edge documentary filmmaking. It is what can be derived from the essence of an innovative production qualifying its long-term value, which “The Land of 8000 Vintages” will intend, while considering the sensitivity that fresh new perspectives in cinematographic storytelling can embrace and deliver utilizing purposeful cadence and visual impact.

Georgia is now considered as the birthplace of wine production with archaeological evidence extending its point of origin towards 8000 years ago, arguably becoming the planet's initial source for wine's also sometimes perceived sacred significance. As the country also substantiates its legendary history by peer reviewed recent reports about excavations of the earliest known 1.8 million year old skeletal artifacts, Georgia becomes a world showcase to share its cultural values amongst scientific endeavors.

The Land of 8000 vintages

Demographically, it becomes the audiences' rich desire to absorb the depth of content from this little known fabled region which will garner attention, stretching from the wine aficionado community across to adventure tourism and organic food proponents. In addition, the documentary will also address the expanding market segment population now described by the acronym LOHAS "life of health and sustainability"; those attracted towards organic, health oriented or "green" products by which the traditional method of producing Georgian wines fits, though has yet to be targeted as such.

This documentary feature endeavors to present multiple aspects of Georgia's history in conjunction with a more contemporary view into the intrinsic details of wine making and how this particular touchstone has crossed into the boundaries of revered interpersonal relations for visitors and native Georgians alike. In-depth aspects describing notable events in the historic timeline will be presented in addition to the how and why components of the resources involved; including the oversized and buried in the ground "qvevri" ceramic vessels implemented for specified quality and taste.

Embrace the indigenous heritage of this ancient culture through the taste buds of your cultivated palette with the subtle bouquet of old world sensibility.

Essentially, this film will allow the viewer to both appreciate the nuance of the country's customs as it presents the character of its wine production, while describing timely approaches to conservation measures pertinent in today’s growing awareness driven market.

Now entering pre-production phase, the first short documentary and biographical film heralding the unique wine culture from the country of Georgia is underway. How would you like to be part of this unique production by personally engaging your heartfelt and generous support.

Risks and Challenges

Falling rocks, landslides, dodgy spiders and snakes, sweeping turns of rock hewn roads, plus crazy drivers like you wouldn't believe. And then yet, so much more. In Georgia, the fact that anything can and will happen arises from its legacy as being part of the former Soviet Union. In recent years however, modern world tendencies have been seen to be lurching into the social structure; albeit in a halting staccato pace and particularly in remote regions where this film will be primarily produced. Meaning, there are now cars in most places instead of quaint vintage donkeys with carts and even electricity too. Although a plethora of cows, sheep and occasional piglets still run amuck across roadways in their own unique descriptive of a rural rush hour, what can arise in such a situation becomes both a predictable guessing game along with all new surprises occurring daily.

After nourishment, shelter & companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.

Philip Pullman

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